Entrepreneurship: Motivation

There’s a video being billed as the worst motivational speech ever, but I found it funny and inspiring. Guy Trying to Break a Board may be unconventional in his methods, but his message is relevant for entrepreneurs.

Motivational Lessons from Guy Trying to Break a Board

  • Don’t give up trying to do something that you want to do and know you can accomplish. He’s not trying to break a granite slab, he’s breaking a thin board. He knows he can do it, and he doesn’t let a few false starts dissuade him. Your first business, product, or client might not be what you wanted or expected—but with enough motivation and a realistic goal, your 20th or 30th try might work out.
  • Redefine success so it is attainable for you. Smart people don’t expect to become millionaires from their entrepreneurial efforts. Odds are pretty good that your startup will, at best, pay your bills for a while before you have to adapt, grow, or move on. Very few small businesses skyrocket their founders to fortune and early retirement, though it’s fun to aim high. This guy was hoping to snap that board in one epic headbutt, and he switches to a fresh board after bending but not breaking the first. He clearly still wanted that epic win. But then he realizes the second board is half bent and that’s good enough. In fact, he still breaks it as planned, just not in the ideal way that matched his initial vision. There are probably few entrepreneurial concepts more important than this one: define your success to be achievable.
  • Be proud of attempts made and lessons learned. This guy could have deleted this video. It didn’t go how he planned it would. It feels a little embarrassing at times. But he had the guts and integrity to post the video anyway. I think he recognized how well the video communicates his main motivational message, not because it went perfectly, but because it went wrong so many times. The real reason more people don’t try to start their own business is probably fear of failing in public (or worse, of only getting by when too many people think owning a business means getting filthy rich). Guy Trying to Break a Board finally did break that board, and he’s not afraid to show you how many times he failed along the way.

Do you have the guts to post a video showing how many times you’ve tried and failed in your projects? Add a Comment

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